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The mysterious Devil's Hole *part 2*

First 2 and last 3 photos

I have put these photos aside because they stand alone as the ones that did not exhibit any anamolies or lead to any in a subsequent photo. With the exeption, of course, of the first and second photos.

The Technician who transfered my negatives to digital media has neglected to include a rather important photo on the media.  This was either the photo numbered 3 or 4.  I cannot distinguish the exact number, however, the photo is of the same area as 3 through 6 (or 7).  The anamoly on this photo is the most stark of all of them.  It is an almost opaque bright yellowish band very similar to the one in photo #3 which is shown on the *part 1* site but this one is very stark.

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photo #1
A California Condor about 3 blocks from my residence

photo #2
the bird took flight as I took the shot. Notice the anamoly.

photo #5
a bush next to the fence where photos 3 thru 7 were taken

photo #8
Cell phone type structure on top of hill overlooking the hole

photo #23
taken at my residence - first of last three photos

photo #24
second to last photo taken at my residence

last photo on the roll, taken at my residence

the remainder of the photos can be veiwed at The Mysterious Devil's Hole *part 1*

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