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The mysterious Devil's Hole *part 2*

Photo Page

Here are the photos which are numbered as to the order in which they were taken.

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photo #9
standing on the back hill looking down into the hole

photo #10
this is on the ground facing away from the fence shown in photo #9
photo #13
flowering cactus telephoto view
photo #16
same as photo #15 but regular wide angle

photo #15
this is a telephoto shot of an alternate opening which is protected by a steel grate

photo #14
same as photo #13 but regular wide angle view

photo #21
This is the last photo taken at the Hole. It was mid-day. Somehow the sky came out darker?

photo #22
Returning home from the Hole I immediately finished the roll of film. 1st of 4 photos

The last 3 photos which were taken at my residence directly following photo #22 are clean and crystal clear. 

more photos can be seen at The Mysterious Devil's Hole *part 1*

Truth is often stranger than fiction and the best place to hide a thing is in plain sight. Remember, if questions arise the answers are sometimes not what you'd expect, but are always around, somewhere.